Drummin Bog Project donates trees to nearby national schools for National Tree Week 2022

The slip of paper which we sent out with each tree for planting and care.

We are still getting great feedback about our initiative for National Tree week in March 2022. We were thrilled to deliver over 200 birch and oak trees to the three national schools of Scoil Moling (Glynn), St. Michael’s (Newtown) and St. Brendan’s (Drummond) in March 2022.

The trees were very kindly donated to the Drummin Bog Project specifically to gift to the school children to mark National Tree Week*and to echo the species that grow around Drummin Bog. In time, the encircling woodlands of Drummin Bog will provide a leading example of Close-to-Nature continuous cover management (we are fortunate to have Pro Silva Ireland forester and ecologist Manus Crowley to advise us).

Barely two feet high, the little trees were parcelled up in compostable bags for each child to take home and plant in their garden – or give to a friend or relations, or to plant on their school grounds.

We are looking forward to hearing over the coming years and decades about how the trees are progressing!

Did your family receive a tree, do let us know where it is being planted and if you have planted more since 🙂

Photo: Brigid O’Regan of the Drummin Bog Project committee unloading trees for Newtown N.S., Co. Carlow

* National Tree Week in Ireland is organised by the Tree Council since 1985 and in partnership with Coillte since 1989, it is a week-long programme of events to celebrate all things trees.

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PLEASE NOTE: Access to Drummin Bog is limited due to the sensitive nature of the habitat and its status as a wildlife reserve. Great precaution must be taken in visiting the bog due to its unmarked deep drains, and other hazards. It is therefore recommended people do not walk on the bog alone. Children must always be supervised and no dogs please as efforts are in place to encourage birds to return. Thank you for understanding. In time, a woodland walkway is envisaged. The Drummin Bog Project is in its very early stages.