Sponsor a Patch of Carlow’s Drummin Bog

what.3.words map image of Drummin Bog

We need to urgently protect and restore 30% of Earth’s Biodiversity by 2030

Help us safeguard and restore Carlow’s Drummin Bog
– the last remaining raised bog in the South East of Ireland.

You can support the Drummin Bog Project’s restoration and rewilding efforts in 2023, by sponsoring a 3×3 metre patch of the bog!

Do you wish to help safeguard a special Irish natural heritage area and directly support community restoration and rewilding activities to mitigate climate breakdown and wildlife loss?

Over the last number of years, people in Ireland and across the world have become aware of the importance of peatlands and wetlands.

Many such places have previously been little valued, and badly need help to restore their carbon sequestration and water-regulation potential, and to improve them as havens for threatened wildlife and peaceful recreation.

Hidden in South Carlow near Drummond and St Mullins, Drummin Bog is a small, important and rare remnant of a raised bog in the southeast of Ireland. As a natural heritage site of local, national and international importance, it is crucial to safeguard such places and recognise their value for collective ecological learning and action.

To support the Drummin Bog Project in 2023, the Drummin Bog Project committee are inviting those who may not have the time or resources to be involved in a restoration or rewilding project, to instead sponsor a 3m square area of Drummin Bog!

For one year, sponsor a 3×3 metre square area of beautiful Drummin Bog in South Carlow, Ireland

Background to our novel sponsoring idea:

In the Drummin Bog Project’s ongoing restoration work, geologist Martin Lyttle and hydrogeologist James Lawlor have been finding the novel, global virtual mapping app What.3.Words, launched at TED.com in 2017, has been invaluable to map the features, the data loggers, dam positions and water flow across every few metres of this small ~50-hectare bog.

The Drummin Bog Project committee was fascinated to hear from Martin and James that the What3Words app using satellite imagery could help anyone with a phone or computer understand Drummin bog from an aerial perspective. The committee realised that many people may like to see this view, particularly as access to Drummin Bog is not advised for safety and conservation considerations (a pathway in the surrounding woodland is envisaged in the future).

As each 3m square area can be logged to an individual with just three words, the committee is inviting people to sponsor or gift a 3 m square area or more, to cover Drummin Bog Project’s ongoing running costs, and have fun getting to know their part of this unique Carlow bog, from afar.

For 2023, sponsor, gift or dedicate a virtual 3-metre square(s) of Drummin bog to support its restoration

You choose how big an area you wish to sponsor:

1 square – €10

3 squares  – €25

9 squares  – €70

* The Drummin Bog Project is a voluntary project,

What will my sponsorship do?

Your gift will contribute to annual ongoing costs such as:

insurance for safe site access, hall rental for talks, meetings and community connections, tours of Drummin Bog and website fees.

How will it work?

To identify and locate each sponsored 3m square, we will be using the What.3.Words geo-locating app https://what3words.com

Believe it or not, the entire surface of Earth has been divided into 3x3m squares and through this app, 3 words are allocated to each square. By using the app and the 3 words, a specific 3x3m square can be identified and located anywhere in the world, on a computer or on your mobile phone.

When you sponsor a patch of Drummin bog, we will email you a certificate confirming that you have sponsored a virtual area of Drummin Bog.

Your certificate will list your set(s) of the three words. You can then view “your” patches of Drummin virtually on the What.3.Words app

Using the App (download from the ios Apple Store or Google on your desktop or mobile phone) you can zoom in on your piece of the bog and see how unique the area is.  (If you order more than 1 square, we will keep them together for you)

Click the image below to sponsor, gift or dedicate a virtual 3m square area of Drummin Bog:

Thank You for helping us make a start
to restore 30% of this great Earth!