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We need to urgently protect and restore 30% of Earth’s Biodiversity by 2030

Help us safeguard and restore Carlow’s Drummin Bog
– the last remaining raised bog in the South East of Ireland.

The south Carlow Drummin Bog Project has been operating since 2017. It is one of the smallest community wetland restoration projects in Ireland, led by an enthusiastic and professional voluntary committee and is guided by the principles of the national Irish Community Wetland Forum.

Restoration of Ireland’s wetlands is a priority given their unique contribution to carbon sequestration, water regulation and wildlife habitat conservation.

Wetland restoration involving communities also has immense potential to activate citizens young and old about valuing Ireland’s unique natural heritage and what we must do to foster equitable, sustainable futures.

We welcome donations of any amount for our ongoing
voluntary Drummin Bog Project costs.

Your sponsorship helps with insurance, community awareness event costs and our publicity.

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Alternatively, you can sponsor a 3m patch of Drummin Bog for 2023

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