Communicating sustainability through the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Drummin Bog Project

On  23rd February at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny, several members of the Drummin Bog committee attended the Creating a Local Sustainable Future – Practical actions for your community: PPNs working together to strengthen our communities wellbeing and resilience. We joined many other SE environmental and community groups that are working for a more sustainable and thriving SE region.

Organised by the Irish Public Participation Networks of five counties; Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford and Carlow, in collaboration with the Irish Environmental Network, this event brought together 120 people from across the South East to explore ideas and actions that can be replicated in their locality, whether at home or in the community. A summary of the day can be downloaded here: Sustainable South East report_Creating a Local Sustainable Future (pdf)

In April 2017, the Irish Government launched its plan for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which outlines how Ireland will deliver on the goals by 2030. The plan highlights the role of local level action – in particular the role of local government and Public Participation Networks – in raising awareness of and achieving the goals at local level. – Sustainable SE report, 2019.

A key aim of the day was to inform community groups about the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by Ireland and 192 other member countries in 2015.

Davie Philip, of Cloughjordan Ecovillage spoke about these UN Global Goals and how they could be used for local change towards more sustainable communities.

We were invited to highlight the relevant UN sustainability development goals by inserting the corresponding graphics for all our projects.  This will help communicate the connected activities for sustainability, equality and justice that many groups in the SE region are working towards. Use of these graphics also connects our small local project in Drummin Bog to national and international communities.

The Drummin Bog is working towards a number of the Sustainable Development Goals

These are goals 3, 4, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17. See the details of each of these and other goals here.  In the future, the Drummin Bog Project will use these logos to communicate our work to our local community in Drummin and the wider Carlow area.


This video below gives an introduction to all of the Goals. There are also a number of children’s videos online to explain these goals to younger audiences.

We must also appreciate that some of the above goals are more critical to support the living fabric that supports all life. This graph below highlights how important it is to urgently address the foundation Biosphere Goals.


As you can see from the above graphic, the Drummin Bog Project, while a modest endeavour, is tackling and trying to raise awareness some of the most critical Biosphere Goals.

To learn more and particularly to get children aware, there are a number of resources and apps also available from



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