Drummin Bog in Carlow is how old?!!?! Join celebrations on Drummin Bog – for National Heritage Week


Join us Sunday 14th August on Drummin Bog, South Carlow to celebrate the carbon date and wonderful age of Drummin Bog

Sunday 14th August 2022


We’ll be hosting:

Peat core sampling demo

Talk with Mick Wright on birds at Drummin Bog

Poetry readings

•. Tea & further talk on Drummin Bog’s future afterwards in Drummond Hall

TIME: Leaving DRUMMOND HALL R95 DH34 @ 2.30pm SHARP TO WALK TO DRUMMIN BOG (approx. 1 mile – there is no parking at the bog)

GOOGLE MAP LINK FOR FRUMMOND HALL https://goo.gl/maps/Svks66j4pJ8cByz96

The science behind dating Drummin Bog’s incredible age

As part of Creative Ireland Carlow’s 2020-21 funded programme, Dr Ben Gearey and Dr Rosie Everett of UCC | Wet Futures made a preliminary study of Drummin bog on 13-14 July 2021.

Drs Rosie Everett and Ben Geary, taking core samples from Drummin Bog, July 2021.

In the interview below you can hear Ben and Rosie’s initial impressions of Drummin Bog in July 2021.

They give a short introduction to paleo archaelogy – the specialist science that confirms the age and ancient flora and fauna in soils and sediments.

You can see more photos and information about Ben and Rosie’s rich initial findings from 2021 here

Dr Ben Gearey and Dr Rosie Everett of UCC | Wet Futures made a preliminary study of Drummin bog on 13-14 July 2021. You can hear their initial impressions of Drummin Bog in July 2021 (they were recorded outside Drummond Hall). in a conversation with Martin Lyttle (a geotechnical engineer) and Cathy Fitzgerald for the Drummin Bog Podcast Series.

So please join us to celebrate on 14 Aug. 2022

We are more than excited to now share the carbon date findings from Ben and Rosie’s sampling on 14 August 2022 for National Heritage Week. Together we can all wonder at Drummin Bog’s newly confirmed historic status. Drummin Bog is truly a unique and important natural heritage site in South Carlow that we can all be proud of.


Grateful thanks to Drs Rosie Everett and Ben Geary UCC / WetFutures for sharing their enthusiasm and passion for paleoecological science.

Also thanks to Creative Ireland Carlow for enabling this work and audio documentation for the Drummin Bog Podcast series. Images from Ben and Rosie’s work have also inspired the Creative Drummin ‘Banner Project’

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PLEASE NOTE: Access to Drummin Bog is limited due to the sensitive nature of the habitat and its status as a wildlife reserve. Great precaution must be taken in visiting the bog due to its unmarked deep drains, and other hazards. It is therefore recommended people do not walk on the bog alone. Children must always be supervised and no dogs please as efforts are in place to encourage birds to return. Thank you for understanding. In time, a woodland walkway is envisaged. The Drummin Bog Project is in its very early stages.

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