Our Barn Owl nesting box has been installed on Drummin Bog!

Adam and James working on the install. Photo: Jules Michael

Made by Borris Mens’ Shed to a BirdWatch Ireland Open Source PDF, this wonderful object became a key part of our Banner (Phase 1) event in Drummond Hall last October.

The barn owl nesting box, as just built by Jim, Neil, Mick, Tony and John of Borris Mens’ Shed for the Banner Project (Phase 1), Oct. 2021 and before it’s recent install.

It now rests 30 feet up in a beautiful oak tree on the perimeter of Drummin Bog. The site should be ideal for barn owls, with sheltered woodland behind and open ground across the bog and surrounding farmland as feeding territory. 

None of this could have happened without the support and guidance of owl expert Mick Wright of BirdWatch Ireland throughout.

The install itself – no mean feat as the box is very substantial – was carried out with huge generosity, safety and efficiency by tree surgeon Adam Doran and his crew Simon and James. Huge thanks to everyone involved. 

Now we watch and wait! in the hope that Drummin Bog will support this red-listed and beautiful bird.

This work is part of the overall Creative Drummin – Druimín Cruthaitheach Banner Project, kindly supported by Carlow Arts Office and Creative Ireland.

The installation of the Barn Own Nest Box!

Adam and James levering the box into place.

Previously, Mick Wright from BirdWatch Ireland gave children and adults alike many talks about Barn Owls at the Creative Ireland funded Banner Project 2-day event in Oct 2021, held at Drummond Hall, County Carlow.

The owl box installation enacts the on-going weaving together of people, interests, conservation and the special place of Drummin Bog, as the Banner Project continues to unfold and complete over the next few months.
Mick Wright with Minister for Heritage Malcolm Noonan, 16 Oct 2021, Drummond Hall, Drummond, Co. Carlow.

Listen to the new Creative Drummin Druimín Cruthaitheach Bog Files

We are delighted to share our first Drummin Bog Files podcast with Mick Wright explaining why and how the Drummin Bog Project is supporting conservation efforts for the red-listed Barn Owl in the Drummond, South County Carlow area.

Otto, the Barn Owl, was at the event and Mick’s talk engaged children and adults alike – everyone was fascinated by the design and size of nesting boxes for Barn Owls, and the pellets, feathers, and photos shared by Mick Wright.

Mick is very involved in recording and supporting the re-establishment of Barn Owls across the Carlow- Kilkenny region (you can hear about this in his short talk above).

Mick’s short talk (5 mins) was recorded by Cathy Fitzgerald, for the ongoing Creative Drummin – Druimín Cruthaitheach programme supported by Carlow Creative Ireland

Read the transcript of the recording here

PLEASE NOTE: Access to Drummin Bog is limited due to the sensitive nature of the habitat and its status as a wildlife reserve. Great precaution must be taken in visiting the bog due to its unmarked deep drains, and other hazards. It is therefore recommended people do not walk on the bog alone. Children must always be supervised and no dogs please as efforts are in place to encourage birds to return. Thank you for understanding. In time, a woodland walkway is envisaged. The Drummin Bog Project is in its very early stages.

The County Carlow Drummin Bog Project is a non-profit community environmental programme. Donations Are Welcome. Require more information, please  contact us for more details

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