The Drummin Bog Project is a voluntary community education project to restore the only raised bog in Co. Carlow.

Situated in South Carlow, Ireland, close to the River Barrow and the historical site of St. Mullins, The Drummin Bog Project, was formed in 2015 to restore and preserve this unique natural heritage site. The Drummin Bog is of considerable conservation significance with its own particular cultural history,

Covering about 20 acres and ringed by native woodland, the rehabilitation of the bog presents an important opportunity to preserve its rare and distinctive ecosystem. Previously the raised bog “Drummin” or “Red” bog was drained and parts were cut away – in some areas it is extensively degraded and dried out resulting in an ingress of mixed scrub and woodland.

Returning Drummin Bog to its active peat-forming state will be highly beneficial ecologically. At the same time, the Drummin Bog project will help develop new amenity access, and foster natural heritage education for the local community and visitors to South Carlow.