Eoin Donnelly – woodwright

Committee members Jules Michael and Cathy Fitzgerald were successfully awarded Creative Ireland funds 2020-21 to invite paleo-ecologists from UCC | Wet Futures to survey Drummin Bog for pollen and sought the advice from master woodwright Eoin Donnelly on use of materials from the bog for creating cultural artefacts that resonate with the past history of human activity on boglands.

Pollen and ancient soil, flora and fauna analyses will provide a historical overview of flora and fauna changes over 1000s of years and will provide inspiration for creative engagement for communities in the South Carlow area.

Eoin Donnelly’s insights will help Creative Drummin envisage contemporary and sensitive use of bog materials (for example, the birch that will be removed in restoration) to recreate understanding of ancient material use.

Eoin visited the bog with Cathy FItzgerald and Martin Lyttle in late 2019. Photos below: Cathy Fitzgerald